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EDL 510 Week 6 Learning Team Global Service Learning Project Proposal

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Research and generate one possible idea individually, for a global service-learning project to be implemented in the classroom.

Share your idea with the team and select one idea as a team to develop. Then, share the idea with the class.

Use a technology collaboration tool to share your proposal with the class.

Include the following:

  1.   A list of ideas considered for a global-learning project
  2.   A rationale for the chosen idea
  3.  An outline of the key points
  4.  How the project is implemented in the classroom
  5.  The effects on global learning

The possible effects on the world

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EDL 510 Week 5 Individual Assignment Paper On Preparing 21st Century Learners

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Analyze the data from your Preparing 21st Century Learners Survey.

Prepare a visual representation of your results, such as graphs or charts.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your findings and a plan for improvement based on the survey results.

Submit the survey you created along with the visual representation, summary, and action plan.

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EDL 510 Week 4 Team Project Advocating For Global Knowledge

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Research global or international education programs using the Internet and the University Library.

Create a persuasive piece in any modality, such as an editorial letter, an advertisement, a speech, or a video, highlighting the following:

  1.  The rationale for the need for increased global knowledge in education
  2.  Two examples of successful global education programs

Suggestions to increase global knowledge among kindergarten through 12th-grade students

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